Research on Structure and Performance of Nano AI2O3 Reinforced Wear-resistant Rubber Liner

June 20, 2021
Latest company news about Research on Structure and Performance of Nano AI2O3 Reinforced Wear-resistant Rubber Liner

As an important wear-resistant lining of ball mill, it has been widely used in industries that need grinding, such as metallurgical mines. In the process of use, the friction between wear-resistant rubber lining and mineral aggregate will increase the temperature of lining plate. Long time at high temperature will change the molecular structure of rubber, reduce the performance of wear-resistant rubber lining, and shorten the service life. However, the wear-resistant rubber lining used in the international market face poor high-temperature stability. Application in larger share of market are limited. Therefore, it is of great theoretical and practical significance to develop rubber lining materials with considerable comprehensive mechanical, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistance.

KOSGA invited German wear resistant rubber R & D company and professors of relevant disciplines in Qingdao University of Science and Technology to propose research and development topics. Starting from practical application, the author studies the effect of superfine alumina (AI203) filled with wear-resistant rubber liner on the mechanical properties, wear resistance and thermal decomposition properties of the liner. The γ type nano-AI203 with large surface owns high structure and activity. At present, the technical research and development discussion have also made great progress on the practical application of natural rubber (NR) / cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber (BR) / carbon black wear-resistant rubber lining material.

In this study, the mill rubber with better comprehensive properties is prepared. Further, R&D in the field of high-performance wear-resistant and heat-resistant rubber liner compound is explored, while stronger core competitiveness on products can be obtained.