Kosga: Redefining “Made in China” aiming at industrial transformation and upgrading

July 2, 2021
Latest company news about Kosga: Redefining “Made in China” aiming at industrial transformation and upgrading

With the rapid development of China and the huge industrial system, “Made in China” is recognized worldwide, covering a wide range of goods, from a screw to high-end electronic products. Made in China brings material, cultural, commercial, human and civilization abroad.

More than 20 years ago, with the expansion of global market demand, China’s manufacturing industry has achieved unprecedented rapid development, but then comes the disadvantages of “Made in China”.

Simulated by market economic interests, the whole manufacturing industry has been sucked in vicious competition for a long time, and rubber industry is not an exception. Many enterprises focus too much on “selling” and stole market shares with low prices. Although the sales of rubber products have increased significantly, the whole industry has fallen into a vicious cycle full of inferior products at lower quality. “Made in China” wear-resistant rubber was once labeled as low-end and cheap.

1.Manufacturing Service

KOSGA provides “rubber design, research, installation, commissioning and delivery” services. The main business has expanded from “single wear resistant rubber manufacturer” to “supplier”, focusing on customer demand, integrating all sales links and providing one-stop service. KOSGA’s development potential and profitability have been greatly improved, and its turnover has reached new highs in consecutive years.

2.Development and Innovation

In addition to the overall innovation of industrial model, KOSGA also pays more attention to technology and product innovation. With the independent innovation of technology as the core, the wear-resistant rubber research center is equipped with 20 professional and technical personnel to improve 80% of the ball mill equipment and SAG mill. In addition, KOSGA also actively develops a new generation of wear-resistant rubber technology. We will try to occupy a place in the international market.

3.Market Internationalization

KOSGA actively responds national strategy and “The Belt and Road” Initiative, implements transnational development strategy and vigorously develops overseas market.

4.Marketing Interconnection

Since 2015, KOSGA has implemented the strategy of “Internet+”, expanding the domestic and foreign markets. The marketing precision is locked by various network platforms and marketing methods. After analyzing the data of millions of customers, we explored and integrated new market space and profit model.