Kosga Industrial comprehensive evaluation of sales ability in 2021 is successfully concluded!

May 11, 2021
Latest company news about Kosga Industrial comprehensive evaluation of sales ability in 2021 is successfully concluded!

Recently, in order to continuously improve the external service ability of sales, KOSGA Industrial’ s annual comprehensive assessment on sales business capacity is successfully launched and ended this week. The company’s five major strategies are further implemented, including marketing interconnection, market internationalization, manufacturing service, development innovation and management modernization. In this assessment, comprehensive written examination and simulated interview are integrated into an assessment system to upgrade the comprehensive quality of the company’s sales personnel to provide better service for customers.

According to relevant provisions of “Sales Performance and Business Ability Assessment System”, the company conducted comprehensive written examination on all sales personnel.

The assessment results reflect the professional ability of sales personnel from all aspects. The efficiency of the application on professional knowledge has been tested, building a good foundation for the company’s next targeted business training and sales management.

After passing the comprehensive written examination, managers and leaders of each business department led by the sales director Chris Lee have evaluated all the sales personnel in the simulated interview.

Taking real scene simulation and drilling as a core, terms cover company introduction, technical advantages, qualification details, explanation of process flow chart, innovative products and processes.

In the process of assessment, examiners ask questions from various angles. Rooted on the scenarios and problems arising in the actual talks, pay attention to the capabilities of sales personnel, including business sensitivity, get customer difficulties, understand customer needs and provide better service.

After a series of assessment, sales director Chris Lee and each assessor with professional quality and rich practical experience have proposed constructive suggestions on the shortcomings of each sales staff. They could be armed with more professional technical knowledge and service attitude to think in the shoes of customers, solve practical problems for customers and win customers’ recognition .

KOSGA Industrial ’s comprehensive assessment aims to continuously strengthen the business ability and service quality of all sales personnel, keeping pace with changes of market and customers’ demands.

In recent years, KOSGA Industrial has undergone transformation, upgrading and practicing the “Five strategies”. In terms of management modernization, KOSGA industrial promotes international reengineering to optimize service quality, architecture and management. The company’s affairs are implemented smoothly in order to achieve professional, data-based and refined operation management.

In the future, KOSGA industrial will always think and solve problems under the guidance: “customers’ needs are our Lighthouse”. The professional knowledge and service awareness of all KOSGA staff will be improved. The value and self-development of employees are harmoniously integrated in goals of the company, serving every customer better.