Rubber Expansion Joint

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name KOSGA
Certification ISO9001
Model Number KOSGA-EJ
Minimum Order Quantity 100KG
Price 5 USD
Packaging Details Wooden box or pallet
Delivery Time 30 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 100 Set/Sets per Month
Product Details
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Product Description

Rubber expansion joints are designed to relieve mechanical stressors; they can be made from many materials including stainless steel, Polytetrafluoroethylene and braided flexible metal. Rubber expansion joints are particularly beneficial due to its flexible nature, which makes them suitable for many functions, including the absorption of sound, thermal energy and shock. Kosga rubber expansion joints are specifically designed to reduce the need for maintenance, repair and manual assistance.


The kosga expansion joints are the most versatile rubber spool expansion joint available. They come in diameters from 1"" to 120"", and can be made with any elastomer material or any other special requirements.


The Kosga Double expansion joints are the standard two arch version of our Kosga, which allows additional movement. They come in diameters from 1"" to 120"", and can be made with any elastomer material or any other special requirements.


The Kosga Triple expansion joints are the standard three arch version of our kosga, which allows maximum movement. They come in diameters from 1"" to 120"", and can be made with any elastomer material or any other special requirements


The Kosga 150 spool expansion joints are an excellent value alternative. They are molded and have a wide arch for good movements, and iron retaining rings. Available in butyl and EPDM. From 2"" to 24"" diameters.


The 1000T Spool expansion joint is a molded arched rubber spool expansion joint for moderate pressures and movements. Available in butyl and EPDM. From 1"" to 14"" diameters.


The Rubber Reducers are spool expansion joints connect unequal size pipes. Standard designs in any elastomer are available from 2"" to 18""

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Main Advantages:
1. Absorbs Directional Movement, Vibration, Noise and Shock: Thermal movements appear in any rigid pipe system due to temperature changes. The Style spherical arch expansion joints allow for axial compression or axial extension, lateral deflection as well as angular movement. The molded expansion joints effectively dampen and insulate downstream piping against the transmission of noise and vibration generated by mechanical equipment. Noise and vibration caused by equipment can cause stress in pipe, pipe guides, anchors and other equipment downstream. Water hammer and pumping impulses can also cause strain, stress or shock to a piping system.
2. Rotating Carbon Steel Flanges: The floating metallic flanges freely rotate on the bellows, compensating for mating flange misalignment. Gaskets are not required with the Style, provided the expansion joints are mated against a flat face flange as required in the installation instructions. Furnished complete with galvanized carbon steel floating flange ends for corrosion protection, ANSI 125/150# drilling.
Bolt holes on flanges are not threaded, they are smooth drilled bolt holes.
3. Service Range: Vacuum rating is 26
Hg. Maximum pressure is 225 PSI at 170F. Temperature range is -50F to +230F.
4. Material Identification: All Style molded expansion joints have branded elastomer designations. Neoprene Tube/Neoprene Cover (NN) with a blue stripe and Nitrile Tube/Neoprene Cover (NP) with a yellow stripe. Joints meet the Coast Guard Requirements and conform to ASTM F1123-87. 240C/NP-9 joints have ABS certification.

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