Ultra Wide Conveyor Belt

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name KOSGA
Certification ISO9001
Model Number KOSGA-CB
Minimum Order Quantity 100KG
Price 5 USD
Packaging Details Wooden box or pallet
Delivery Time 30 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 100 Set/Sets per Month
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Product Description

We already have experience in producing ultra-wide conveyor belts up to 6000mm and 8000mm wide. Therefore, we filled the low-tech blank area of ultra-wide filter in time, solved the problem of insufficient width of customers in the process of transporting large amounts of ultra-wide materials, and timely Provided a solution.

In addition, the heat and high temperature resistant filter conveyor belt is also an advantage over our peers. For filtering high temperature materials, 80 ℃ ~105 ℃. The cover rubber is made of EPDM rubber material with excellent heat resistance and aging resistance; the skeleton is made of high-strength polyester canvas, and heat-resistant glass cloth can be laid between the cover rubber and the skeleton layer; The effect of high temperature and filtrate on the framework material. So that our filter belt can adapt to work in high temperature environment, especially the filtration of large aluminum plants.

Choosing a Conveyor Belt Replacement

There are lots of factors that are involved when it comes to choosing a conveyor belt replacement. If your conveyor system has become damaged, then you will need to address a wide range of factors to ensure that your new conveyor belt is fit for purpose. Everything from the length, the dimensions, and the belt material will need to be addressed. You will need to consider:

● Length and Width: This is the first consideration to take into account. If you get a conveyor belt replacement and it is the wrong size, then you will find that wear and tear is much faster, and your costs will go up as you will have to buy a new conveyor belt much more regularly. Make sure that you know the dimensions of your conveyor systems before you purchase replacement conveyor belts.

● Load Type: The best conveyor belt for your system will be very dependent on what is being transported. As well as the weight, size, and shape of the bulk material being moved from point A to point B, you will also have to factor in:

- Type of product: Different materials will require that your conveyor belt is made of the material to match. Items with sharp edges, for example, will need to be put onto plastic belts that will be more durable.

- Movement of the Belt: While many conveyor systems are horizontal transportation only, there are many settings where there is a decline or incline, and that will require ensuring that bulk materials and single objects are securely in place. In those cases, conveyor belts with stoppers should be the priority.

- Environment: Different settings will require different conveyor belt types. If you are working in a high-temperature industrial setting, then the material for your new conveyor belt will need to be able to withstand the heat.

There are many conveyor belt types available, and having the right size, material, and design is essential. If you fail to install the right type of conveyor belt, then you not only run the risk of needing a conveyor belt replacement on a regular basis but you also:

● Expose workers to potential injury

● Risk the damage of products

● Harm your conveyor system

It’s not always easy to choose the right conveyor belt replacement for the different types of conveyor systems. Always make sure that you get advice from professionals, and you will maximize the potential of your new conveyor belt and ensure that workflow is not negatively impacted on a regular basis.


Kosga industrial's splicing and repair materials for heavyweight belts are used in a variety of applications, including:
1. Underground Mines
2. Cement Plants
3. Quarries
4. Timber
5. Paper Mills
6. Asphalt Plants

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